Sean Ward’s Bio

funny hatSean Ward is a photographer, painter, poet, fiction writer, and award winning web designer who was on That’s Incredible during the great Rubik’s cube-a-thon. He has several college degrees, and one of his web sites, Metaplanets, has been featured on the BBC’s top technology show.

He has worked on many web projects for a variety of organizations from mom and pop businesses to Fortune 100 companies, and was asked by Joseph Lowery to assist in the writing of the Dreamweaver Ultradev Bible.

bill n meBesides web design and development, his professional experience includes management, teaching writing skills at the university level, editing papers for scholarly journals, including papers for the Economic Minister of Peru, and research for the Department of Justice. He takes pride in the fact that he first ate oysters Rockefeller with a man who first ate oysters Rockefeller with Nelson Rockefeller.

Laptev Sea Map

Laptev Sea Map

The Laptev Sea (Russian: мо́ре Ла́птевых) is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean. It is located between the northern coast of Siberia, the Taimyr Peninsula, Severnaya Zemlya and the New Siberian Islands.

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Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay Ice

Ice, Ice, Baby

Gargantuan Shrimp (an oxymoron)

This one is big, but it doesn’t come close. The shrimp I was served covered a serving tray, with the tail hanging over the edge.

Chitzen Itza - Yucatan

Heck of a climb to the top of Chitzen Itza

Sean enjoys swimming, fishing, museums, comedy, and lasagne. He has walked the Ginza in Tokyo, sank the eight ball off the break three consecutive times in a pool hall in British Columbia, climbed a pyramid in the Yucatan, camped in the Dakota Badlands, watched the ice calve in Glacier Bay, hunted for buried treasure, cooked a hot dog with nothing but a few pie plates and the sun, has seen Manchuria, and cruised through the Bering Strait and all the way to the Laptev Sea where he saw humongous icebergs and ate a shrimp the size of a full-grown squirrel. In his spare time he is trying to find out what it is that turtles do when they think no one is looking.

Unaware of the camera, this turtle expertly adjusts a pond light.


The Death of Niall of the Nine Hostages

The Death of Niall of the Nine Hostages

Niall Noígíallach (Irish pronunciation: [ˈniːəl noɪˈɣiːələx], Old Irish “having nine hostages“), or in English, Niall of the Nine Hostages, son of Eochaid Mugmedón, was an Irish king, the eponymous ancestor of the Uí Néill kindred who dominated Ireland from the 6th to the 10th century. The rise of the Uí Néill dynasties and their conquests in Ulster and Leinster are not reliably recorded but have been the subject of considerable study and attempts to reconstruct them.

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Genetic History

More information than you need to know

Ward coat of arms

Ward coat of arms

On his father’s side, Y-DNA testing shows him descended from Niall Noígíallach, son of Eochaid Mugmedón, an Irish king, the eponymous ancestor of the Uí Néill kindred who dominated Ireland from the 6th century to the 10th century.

Oh! Royalty, you say? This is not surprising. One in 12 Irishmen carry his genetic fingerprint, with the percentage being higher than 20% in northern Ireland. We’re all descended from royalty, pig farmers, and an African woman nicknamed Lucy.

On his mother’s side, tests show the Haplogroup I subclaude R1a, specifically Norse Vikings that settled (invaded) Ireland.

Cat Whisperer


This is Puma.

Viking Chicken Man, etc.

King Sexy Wine Label

King Sexy Wine Label

Custom wine for friends and family in MMVII. It was a good year. 🙂