A Man’s World: Poems By Sean Ward

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Here are some things that have been said about the book.

Sean Ward’s poems are dense with closely observed details, whether they occur in nature or the guts of an engine, in the human psyche or the intricacies of cat behavior. From a very male perspective, Ward delights in precise terminologies, in the physicality of labor, in the fantasy life that so often underpins the mundane, as when tearing down a shed becomes the act of a Viking berserker, or the assembly of a lawnmower becomes a Zen meditation. Ward’s appreciation of craftsmanship reminds one of Eric Gill, his lanky rhythms of Whitman.
Bryce Milligan, Author, Critic, Publisher

This is very good work, especially that opening poem about mechanics. It has depth, wit and stands as experientially convincing. The political and social critiques are also sharp. You have a firm understanding of form and content in poetry. You push the edge pretty far but never overstate, maintaining a good balance and proportion in each poem.
Robert Bonazzi, Author, Editor