…so in the fourth quarter when it seemed the other team was going to hold their lead
for the win and then you made that steal and the fast break for the layup and things
just seemed to fall into place, what was going through your mind at that point? Did
you know you were going to win? Could you feel it?

Well…. I think that… we’re always hopeful for a win and I saw the
opening… and then… you know.

I see… Well, the fans went just a little wild when you went for the basket that third
time and your were only a few points from the tie and then the foul by Kramer….

Yeah well I suppose. You know. Yeah, I mean…. Hoopy.

There must have been a lot of pressure on you to perform on all sides, the fans, the
coach, the other players….

basketball hoop - hoopy


M-hmmmm, uh…. Hoopy hoopy hoopy.

Yes. And with less than a minute to go and hoopy hoopy hoop.

Well, we’re a team, hoopy hoopy hoop hoopy hoop.

Well, ha ha. I think hoopy hoop and hoopy hoopy hoopy.

Hoopy. Hoopy hoopy hoopy.

Hoop. Hoop. Hoopy.

Originally published in The Portable Wall 24 (1995): 58. Print.